Custom Alder Cabinets

Wood has different types and varieties which aficionados chose for furniture depending on their personal needs and inclinations. Sometimes lay people need help picking the right wood for their custom cabinets and Winnipeg’s number one wood experts Premier Cabinet Co is there to orientate and provide the best solutions.

Alder wood has its own peculiar features that make it unique which is the reason why some clients are very attached to it. Alder has heartwood and sapwood which are all good for custom cabinets unlike other type of wood like pine whose sapwood is very fragile.

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In terms of appearance, Alder is very dramatic and elegant; it usually has light tan like salmon or rusty brown. With age the wood reddens and darkens giving it a majesty that is very appealing to a certain discerning customer. The wood elves at Premier Cabinet Co also like the straight grain nature of the wood and its relatively fine aspect and uniform texture. This makes the wood easy to design into the specifications of any customer.

Alder is easy to work with and this is why the Winnipeg cabinet makers admire it. The straight grain and fine uniform texture of the word makes it easy for machine cuts like the quarter sawn, flat sawn and even split sawn. In terms of texture, the wood can be on the soft side so craftsmen must pay attention not to ruin it during sawing. This equally means that it is great for hand carved designs which puts a personal touch to custom cabinets. On the down side, Alder is very susceptible to rot and it is important to keep it indoors upon felling. This also goes to show that bathroom cabinets will be ill advised for this type of wood since it has the possibility of staining and rotting when it comes in touch with water. Kitchen cabinets are therefore the best furniture from Alder and whether it is red or black Alder, it gives the vibe of coziness and elegance that most home owners yearn for in their quest for custom furniture.

Furthermore, Alder is a wood of choice for many home owners because it is beautiful to behold and is also affordable. Alder is a home grown wood which makes it inexpensive and readily available. Since the lumber Alder is graded into knotty and clear types, the knotty variety is far inexpensive that clear Alder. Incidentally, both types are quite moderate in comparison to other homegrown wood and also its great properties. Beautiful things are solicited by everyone for the comfort of personal spaces and Alder is really lovely to behold. In this light, the beautiful coloring shades provided by this wood make it a favorite. Finished custom cabinets are chic and enhance personal spaces.

Alder is a home grown wood with great texture and a straight grain that is easy to saw and design. It is also very beautiful because of the natural coloring properties that this wood is endowed with. The fact that it is domestic grown makes it very affordable which is what homeowners everywhere seek.

Premier Cabinet Co is a company that gives its clients everything they desire and their great craftsmanship is brought together to incorporate this beautiful wood into sophisticated custom cabinets that will lightened up any personal space.