Custom Bamboo Cabinets

Bamboo is an exotic wood with much significance to oriental and African cultures. It is therefore a common material in these places for furniture. Incidentally, the west has been gaining admiration of this wood mainly because of its environmental conservation attributes but equally for the aesthetic features.

Increasingly, clients of Premier Cabinet Co are requesting for bamboo custom cabinets and since this company exists to satisfy its customers, they are working hard to give them what they want.

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The bamboo is quaint and beautiful; it drips with an exoticness that most people want in their homes instead of experiencing it occasional on vacation.

The bamboo is an eco friendly wood variety and this is why many people with a consciousness for the sustainability of the earth are picking it for their home cabinets. The wood grows in huge clumps in different parts of Asia, South America and Africa. It can survive with very little nourishment and it also multiplies quickly. This wood is also very easy to farm since it has a very short maturing span. In fact in many drought prone areas, bamboo bushes act like water oasis. Although it is mostly imported, it is still very moderate in pricing.

Using this wood for cabinets give spaces a Zen vibe that many people love. It is very clean and elegant and in most cases, there is no need to add embellishments. It is also rot resistant making it a fun choice for kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom cabinets.

Aside from its eco friendly aspect, bamboo cabinets are en vogue and are equally affordable. Unlike other wood types like oak and mahogany that are downright expensive and controversial, bamboo is abundantly available, durable and very contemporary. A chic homemaker will not have to break the bank in order to have cabinets in their personal space which is what everyone wants.

The wood workers at Premier Cabinet Co also propose this as an option for their swanky clientele and their experience in the field ensures that clients will have the best that they seek. This wood is also very durable since unlike the other board like timber, it is not susceptible to rot and insect attack. This means that bamboo cabinets need little maintenance and can be enjoyed for many years. Most times, clients shy away from a particular wood because of its potential to rot or to be damaged by insects. The fact that the bamboo is immune to these pestilence makes it really charming and appealing.

Bamboo cabinets are a thing that people in the know desire for their homes. This wood is eco friendly which is something that anyone who cares for the environment wants to hear. It is also durable, inexpensive and chic which has made many of Premier Cabinet Co’s clients to
clamor for it. The experienced craftsmen of this company give customers what they seek by combining this awesome wood with expert skills. The end result is custom cabinets that are incredibly chic and well made.