Custom Cherry Cabinets

Cherry is another wood of choice utilized by Winnipeg’s cabinet makers Premier Cabinet Co. Although many are familiar with the succulent cherry fruit used for salads and juices, the wood itself also has some awesome properties perfect for cabinet making.

The cherry wood has a vibrant color that makes it appealing for woodwork and this is why most clients in search of custom made furniture pieces gravitate towards this wood.

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For someone to feel comfortable in their private spaces there must be harmony in terms of appealing elements. The cherry wood is eye candy that many can’t have enough of. Many admirers claim that this wood is the most lovely furniture wood in the world thanks to its exquisite appearance. But it is never good to judge on good looks alone so cherry wood has other merits like its ready availability, its toughness and affordability.

Cherry wood is interesting because of its utility. This wood is liked by wood workers because it is pretty easy to work with. It is straight grain, stable and works well with machine sawing. In this light, it is possible to quarter-sawn, flat sawn or even rift sawn effectively without any major problems. Also, we cannot talk about cherry wood without mentioning its beautiful appearance which is pinkish when newly cut and darkness to a reddish brown with age which is why cherry wood is also called black wood. The other kind develops a pale yellow color and is called sapwood. These color textures are very lovely and it is no wonder that many clients love cherry wood for their cabinets while Premier Cabinet Co endorses it.

Moreover, the toughness of the wood is another defining factor why cherry wood is so cherished. Everyone wants something that is long lasting and cherry has this reputation. Sometimes people shy away from a particular wood brand because of its lack of sturdiness, this is not a problem faced by cherry wood. It is very resistant to rot one of the things that ruin furniture easily. Premier Cabinet Co advices its clients to treat cherry wood against termites attack since this wood species is very vulnerable to the said insects. Also water doesn’t go well with this wood and leaves stains so clients are encouraged to use it in spaces where water is unlikely to touch. Bedroom cabinets and kitchen cabinets are therefore the best places for cherry wood furniture.

Ultimately, cherry wood is affordable and this is always great news to any customer. This wood is readily available since it is a domestic lumber. Home grown wood species are always more affordable than the imported type and this is why cherry is moderate in price. Unfortunately, the cherry has been listed as a threatened species and those who are environmentally savvy must enquire to ascertain that the cherry wood they are getting for their beloved custom items is from a regulated source. Clients at Premier Cabinet Co know that these Winnipeg dealers are all for the preservation of the environment and their cherry wood is authentic.

Cherry is beautiful inside and out. Its fruit is also very tasty and nutritious. This wood is loved by homemakers because it is beautiful, it is durable and it is affordable. The customers of Premier Cabinet Co know that this company protects the environment and only utilizes regulated cherry wood. Everyone must join the race for environmental protection because the more species get extinct; the more humanity is at risk.