Custom Hickory Cabinets

Most cabinet makers praise hickory for being a complicated wood which multiple facets that are intriguing and interesting. It is true that complicated is always scary in personal relationships but when it comes to wood, complicated is awesome.

Usually wood is valorized for being strong or hard. Yet hickory embodies all these characteristics by being strong, tough, stiff and hard in equal measures. This means that the wood is shock resistant and almost impossible to ruin. The cabinet makers at Premier Cabinet Co therefore love this wood because they can apply different methods of crafting to it in order to give customers the best piece of custom made furniture.

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Myth has it that Native Americans venerated this wood above all else because of its multiple capabilities. There are two distinguished types of hickory which are true-hickory and pecan-hickory which are both good though one is a little denser than the other.

Considering the fact that hickory is consistently strong and tough, it is evident that it is very proficient for wood work. In this case, it becomes really impressive when it is completed. The craftsmen at Premier Cabinet Co know how to do things with hickory that the tree will be happy it was turned into lumber in the first place. Since this wood is very heavy, cabinets made of it are stable and elegant. Hickory is mostly used for kitchen cabinets for a rustic effect because it has elements like knots, mineral streaks and swirled grains that make finished work so irresistible. Although hickory is not rot resistant, careful preservation can sustain cabinets made from this polyvalent wood for a long time.

Since this wood is pretty tense, machine sawing is always the way to work it and quarter-sawn and flat-sawn methods are often applied by Premier Cabinet Co craftsmen to achieve the best designs.

In terms of aesthetics, hickory has great values, furniture has character while color wise it is also very nice to look at. There are three different tinges to the wood and these include white, cream and streaked brown and tan. The beauty of this wood is only outshined by its affordability. Most of the species of hickory grow in North America while four of them find their home in Canada. This is great news for clients of Premier Cabinet Co because home grown means moderate pricing. It also means that this wood has no controversial features in terms of logging or scares of extinction so going for hickory means going for a safe and sophisticated choice. Since finishing and staining work well for this wood, this is probably which many customers just can’t resist it.

To bring some the rustic vibe into your urban space, go for hickory wood especially in the design of your kitchen cabinets. This wood is amazing in its unapologetic elegance along with its color vibrancy, gives every homemaker a sophisticated and trendy look. Hickory is also very workable which allow workmen to bring out the best designs with machine tools. It is also very colorful and affordable and in most cases clients love it, while Premier Cabinet Co proposes it for clients who are looking for rustic chic. It is equally quantitatively available in Canada, so clients are consuming homegrown wood whose logging is no threat to the environment. All these points and more give this wood a place of honor in the wood hall of fame.