Custom Mahogany Cabinets

Wood is the product of trees and this means that for people to enjoy some nice furniture pieces, trees must be logged and sometimes transported over thousands of miles. Some particular wood species are preferred by those in search of furniture but sometimes, these species are controversial because of their ear mark as endangered species.

Mahogany is such a wood which though has incredible properties and a user favorite is under threat.

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Mahogany has three species, swietenia humilis found in the Pacific Central America, West Indian or Cuban Mahogany found in Southern Florida and the Caribbean and Honduran or Big-leaf Mahogany found in Mexico and the Southern Amazon forest o Brazil. This last species is mostly used for commercial purposes and the logging processes are currently causing so many environmental hazards. Brazil has banned the exportation of mahogany in an effort to stop the ravaging of the Amazon and this leaves the US, Britain and Peru as the major exporters of this wood. Unfortunately, statistics has showed that about 90% of the mahogany from Peru imported in the US is illegal. Premier Cabinet Co does not buy Peruvian mahogany because of this fact.

The controversial history of mahogany aside, this wood has many virtues which include its beauty in terms of color; it is easy to work with and is also very durable. The attractive wood grain of mahogany is obviously one of its main appealing points. This wood is reddish brown and darkens over time and when polished, it exudes a rosy gleam. The luxuriant look of this wood is one of the reasons why it is so highly solicited. Most often, Premier Cabinet Co craft masters encouraged their clients to go for the polish finish without any other artificial ornaments. Bedroom dressers really elevated this wood along with bedroom cabinets.

Mahogany is traditionally the preferred wood of craftsmen because of its workability. Sometimes it is difficult to get the best designs out of some wood types because it cracks and strains under pressure. In other cases, there is usually a lot of waste since the wood might not be very tough. Mahogany is as tough as wood can get which gives craftsmen the opportunity to meet their creative expectations. The wood is straight, even in grain and excellent; it is mostly free of voids and pockets which makes sawing in the different cuts very flexible.

Durability is synonymous to this wood type evident in the fact that it is long lasting, water resistant and equally resistant to wear and tear. This wood is very tense and heavy which makes its furniture very sturdy. As a result, the little plagues that other lesser woods suffer from like insect infestation, water staining, rot, scratching and more are not problems mahogany knows. It is possible to see mahogany furniture that is centuries old but is still gleaming like a new bride. The fact that it requires very little maintenance makes it really awesome, all it takes is a little polish and it is gleaming.

Mahogany to some is the king of woods and this is evident in the fact that it possesses all the properties of perfect wood that clients seek. This wood is rosy and beautiful, it is easy to work with leading to great designs, it is also resistance to ruin and this durability makes it the best wood for heirloom pieces. Premier Cabinet Co uses only mahogany that is legally felled and marketed as their contribution to the preservation of planet earth.