Custom Maple Cabinets

One wood type that has a favorable rating among Premier Cabinet Co’s client base is maple wood. Maple is known for being the hardest wood species which is a great attribute for craftsmen since it can be sewn into multiple uses. The beauty of the maple wood itself is another fact that appeals to users. Maple wood has a creamy color which is sometimes enhanced by a reddish tinge makes this wood quite appealing depending on the species.

Premier Cabinet Co always suggests maple for clients who want custom dressers and kitchen cabinets.

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Although maple looks pretty and everyone loves beautiful things there are other reasons why maple is a favorite and these include its durability and affordability. These are always outstanding motivational aspects when customers are haunting a bargain.

In terms of types, maple is generally classified under soft and hard maple. The hard maple types like the Sugar Maple and Black Maple while soft maple includes Bigleaf Maple, box elder, striped and silver maple. In terms of timber preferences category common #1 is valorized over common #2. Common #1 is used by Premier Cabinet Co for its custom cabinets since it is clear and beautiful for cabinet making. The decorative aspect of the maple cannot be overstated since the wood grain is very pretty. Some of the lovely tinges include burl maple, quilt maple, flame and birdseye maple. Looking at these properties, it is not surprising that customers love their maple cabinets.

Durability is one of the major reasons why someone will prefer maple to other wood choices. Everyone wants furniture that can last for a long time and this is why most people go for custom made cabinets for their private spaces. Maple can weather many storms and still look incredible. The fact that it is mostly immune to insect destruction and fungi makes it a great preference for many clients. In the long run, maple wood cabinets can be varnished to preserve their beauty. Customers who choose this type for their custom made furniture express total satisfaction and enjoy their furniture for years on end.

Moreover, affordability is another thing Premier Cabinet Co clients look out for in looking for nice custom cabinets. Maple is affordable and this is an awesome attribute and good news with clients on a budget. Making something useful that can stand the taste of time is outstanding. Premier Cabinet Co thus proposes this wood to its clients who are eager to create heirloom piece furniture but are encumbered by the lack of finances. Making furniture that is closed to the heart and can be left behind for loved ones to enjoy without breaking the bank makes maple the wood of choice to many. The fact that maple syrup is also very yummy is just icing on a sweet deal.

The beauty of the maple, its durability and affordability are strong points in favor of this elegant wood. Everyone loves to be surrounded by pretty things and that is why customers go for custom made cabinets in order to liven up their personal spaces. The fact that they can get something quite durable and affordable makes it a bargain. Winnipeg’s premier cabinet makers are always ready to propose this option to their clients.