Custom Oak Cabinets

Making custom cabinets exciting is the job of Winnipeg cabinet maker Premier Cabinet Co. This cabinet crafter has decades of experience under its belt along with numerous satisfied customers all over North America.

One wood species that is highly solicited by clients is the oak, a wood with great historical significance to many. Premier Cabinet Co. utilizes great craftsmanship to produce custom cabinets that are not only useful for the current homemakers but are also awesome heirloom pieces.

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The history of the oak, its types and functions all come together that in the art of cabinet making in this establishment. Oak wood is hard and as a result of this tenacity, it is the wood of choice of many cabinet makers, Premier Cabinet Co being one of them.

Custom Cabinets are intended to make homes beautiful and quality is therefore very important to clients. The oak wood is recommended because of its solid nature and also because it can resist insect destruction as well as fungus attack. In this light, Premier Cabinet Co suggests oak to clients who desire to build custom bathroom and kitchen cabinets. Historically, the Vikings used oak as the preferred wood for the ships that enabled them to go seafaring to raid and conquer places like England, France and the Ottoman Empire. After setting the pace of oak boat making, today’s ship makers are still using this sturdy wood for building ships. It is this exciting history that has made this particular wood very popular in cabinet making.

There are three distinctive oaks which have great popularity and these are the American, European and Japanese types. The American and European variety are quite solicited for wine barrels which is known to add texture to the different wines and spirits. French wine producers prefer the European type because of the texture it adds to the drinks while the American variation is liked because of the anti-aging properties that are also good for wine preservation. The Japanese oak is good for drum making because of the sound quality it produces.

The timber from oak needs precision to yield the best results and the efficient craftsmen at Premier Cabinet co knows this and this is why their cabinets are of such great quality. The Northern red oak is considered the highest quality for furniture and it is fact that it is found in Winnipeg is convenient for these cabinet makers. The white oak equally has superior quality timber which these cabinet makers use to produce excellent furniture for their customers.

Considering the fact that experience is necessary for producing the best cabinets out of oaks, the wood workers at Premier Cabinet Co use the best methods. Quarter-sawn cuts are popular because it ensures that wood has stability, experiences no shrinkage or splitting. To quartersaw, the lumber is achieved when logs are quartered and sawn along the axis. The complete effect is decorative which is why most quartered-sawn oak has no additional ornaments because it is already beautiful. Other ways of sawing that Premier Cabinet Co utilizes include rift sawing and flat sawing.

Oak is an interesting wood with such potential for custom made cabinets that clients of Premier Cabinet Co request. These great Winnipeg cabinet makers do justice to the wood which is why clients are completely satisfied with the results.