Custom Pine Cabinets

Pine is the wood of preference for the homeowner with kids and a tight budget. This is because the wood is very cheap and those with kids might not feel so bad if it is battered by the little ones. Moving on, this wood is also pretty to look at, and this is completely true for those who want to achieve a farmhouse effect in the city. It is also stable which means it can resist swelling or shrinking.

The wood magicians at Premier Cabinet Co are always excited to propose pine for their clients who have kids and are on a budget. Money should not be a reason why one should miss out on the custom cabinet they yearn for.

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Popularly known as North American timber, this wood is abundant and farmed in timber plantations for various uses. Christmas is never complete for some without a cute pine Christmas tree. The scented nature of the wood makes it very endearing for many people.

Pine it is the wood of preference for stylish homemakers on a budget. This soft wood is delicate and quaint which has the potential to give kitchens a lovely picturesque farmhouse vibe. There is no better wood than pine to liven up a kitchen space and this is why many want it. As it has already been mentioned, pine is a soft wood though there are some varieties that are a little hard but this cannot be compared to other hard woods.

Though this wood is very delicate, it is not a problem for the wood workers at Premier Cabinet Co know how to work this wood to bring out the best effect. In this case, what is necessary is for the craftsmen to use hand craft methods which they excel in. Making hand designed furniture puts a very personal touch to custom made furniture.

Apart from being affordable and decorative, pine is a wood whose presence reassures human beings that environmental crisis can be halted. Environmental scientists have cited the pine as a wood that helps sustainability. This is because it can grow basically everywhere, especially in sandy, tropical and semi tropical areas. It also takes less time to mature and logging is not destructive to other species since it does not need heavy machinery.

Premier Cabinet Co is an establishment that defends the environment as the legacy for future generations. This is why pine is a wood choice they propose to their clients. The note of caution though is the fact that pine is an indoor wood best for kitchen cabinets and bedroom furniture. It is not water resistant and rots easily so it is not advisable for bathroom cabinets. It also dents easily but it is still lovely to look at so treat it gently.

Pine is a beautiful wood with many positive attributes. This is very endearing to different people in different parts of the world and Premier Cabinet Co has clients who share this love. The wood is delicate and exquisite making handmade custom cabinets more personal. This is a secret weapon that these Winnipeg cabinet makers bring to the table. Since pine is abundant and is affordable as well as sweet smelling, clients on a budget really adore it.