Custom Poplar Cabinets

Clients looking for custom made cabinets at Premier Cabinet Co are propelled towards the poplar because of its attractive qualities. The poplar has an interesting history as the wood of choice for weapon manufacturers in ancient Greek and Roman for the protection of warriors.

This is because the tenacity of the wood is matched with its lightness in weight which made shields portable and strong. Also, a great masterpiece in painting like Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is painted on poplar which shows the classiness of the wood.

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Today, the poplar still has some of its popularity though warfare artillery has evolved to a more sophisticated level. This wood is plantation grown which means that it is available is huge quantities and also affordable. The coloring of poplar is also eye-catching which is what many people want in their kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets.

Poplar is a wood that has great qualities and is readily available which makes it inexpensive. Although it is softwood, it is great for cabinets, and this is why many clients go for it. Although it might not last as long as other hardwoods, the poplar’s affordability is a point in its favor. Homemakers on a budget are orientated to make choices that suit their budgets. The price of kitchen and bathroom cabinets can be on the high end even with other home grown wood types like maple. In this case, poplar becomes the reasonable preference because the home owner will enjoy it for many years before it deteriorates. Safe practices keeping it from water and spraying against infection will keep cabinets whole for many years. This is information that the wood geniuses at Premier Cabinet Co give their clients free of charge.

Equally, poplar cabinets are fetching to look and the wood is also easy to craft. No one can fault a beautiful thing and this makes poplar greatly solicited. Normally, the heartwood is mostly rusty brown borderline yellow with streaks of gray and green while the sapwood can be pale yellow, cream white and white. In some cases, the colors are multiple which is why this wood is occasionally called rainbow poplar. This colorful property thus makes the poplar an awesome wood for customers on a budget. The fact that the wood is easy to work is something that woodworkers love about it as well. The only problem is that fact that it is softwood so sanding can be a delicate chore. This is something that Premier Cabinet Co craftsmen have a proficiency of, so there’s no fear of ruining a cabinet.

Poplar’s historical uses go a long way from its preference by ancient warriors for lightweight but strong shields and its crowning glory as the canvas for the Mona Lisa. Today, poplar is still finding relevance in the homes of many home owners on a budget who desire lovely kitchen and bathroom cabinets. The affordability of the wood with its rainbow coloring are idyllic which is why this wood is the favorite of many.