Layer Acrylic Cabinets

Acrylic custom cabinets are very fashionable today and Premier Cabinet Co is a cabinet maker that has mastered this technique. Acrylic cabinets are known for their aesthetic value which is why it is the rage in the cabinet making industry along with its other awesome properties.

Acrylic cabinets have solid and layer acrylic. The first variety is more expensive while the second is affordable and this is a factor to consider when shopping on a budget.

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The procedure to create a layered acrylic finishing is by pasting sheets on a medium density fiberboard. The final touch is when the sheets are covered with a protective layer and glued at the edges. Although layer acrylic has a semblance to glass, it is more superior and also safer since it does not crack easily. The durability and low maintenance level of this cabinet type contribute to its popularity.

Acrylic is a material of choice for seasoned cabinet makers because it is easy to saw or drill and this flexibility yields many creative possibilities. Layer acrylic is strong and aesthetically superior from other cabinet materials like thermofoil which is why its cabinets last for long. This material is also non toxic which is a very important aspect to consider when looking for custom cabinets. Some materials like the medium density fiberboard in old thermofoil are very toxic and present health issues. These outstanding features have given this material and edge over cabinets. Equally layer acrylic is aesthetically elegant with several color hues that makes every home airy and vibrant. Although it has fewer color selections than solid acrylic it still has enough varieties to impress clients who go for this presence.

Moreover, this form of acrylic is also very durable and inexpensive. The durability of layer acrylic is evident in the fact that it lasts for several years without tarnishing or scratching. It is also heat resistant and water resistant. Sometimes cabinet owners become frustrated because of the liability of the material to rot and decay, owners of acrylic cabinets do not have this worry as this material is exceptionally durable. It is also less expensive that solid acrylic which is why many people with limited budgets will go for this alternative. The difference between solid and layer acrylic is the fact that the first has more color hues than the latter; this does not make the second variety less prestigious. Yet, since it is less expensive than its counterpart, this because a bonus for those who go for this option. Durability and moderate pricing add to low maintenance combine to make this form of acrylic a trendy choice for individuals looking for long lasting cabinets.

In addition, the choice of acrylic as the material of preference for custom cabinets is an eco-friendly one. This is because acrylic is made of pine fibers that form the medium density fireboard upon which layers of sheets are placed upon. In this light, eco-friendly clients do not have to worry about the damage that the material from their cabinets might pose to the ecosystem.

Layer acrylic cabinets are incredibly elegant and meant for sleek and sophisticated homes. These cabinets are aesthetically elegant and with the craftsmanship of Winnipeg’s number one cabinet maker Premier Cabinet Co, clients are guaranteed to get the best results. This form of acrylic is also durable and inexpensive than solid acrylic though the only advantage the more expensive variety has is more color options. This makes the preference of layer acrylic a popular one since it is the same thing at a better price. Winnipeg customers who go for acrylic cabinets enjoy the fact that it is low maintenance and does not fade easily.