Cabinetry is an art that utilizes an extensive variety of materials and techniques which make cabinet shopping fun and exciting. Premier Co as Winnipeg’s number one cabinet maker is equipped with the different materials and techniques in order to give clients ultimate satisfaction.

The world is filled with people with different tastes and personalities and choosing cabinets becomes an extension of the individual’s personality. Exploring some of the materials used for cabinetry is imperative:

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Traditionally wood has been the material of choice for cabinetry and it is still very popular today. The fact that there are so many different types of wood in the world suitable for furniture sometimes gives clients headaches in making the right choice. Woods grow in different parts of the world and sometimes a particular wood can only be found in a specific location. Mahogany, Oak, pine, cherry, poplar, alder and more are all suitable for cabinets. Some are strong woods while others are quite fragile and the wood fairies at Premier Co gives clients the best advice on the type that meets their needs.

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Painting is an art which the technicians at Premier Co master efficiently. Painting cabinets is advised for different reasons like rejuvenating old furniture or protecting soft wood from scaring and staining. Some people just want more vibrancy in their personal spaces which makes painting a way of stamping their personality. Colors can range from subtle to dramatic depending on the taste of the individual.

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This method of cabinet making is current very popular and is a less expensive alternative to wood. Acrylic cabinets are created by pasting sheets on medium density fiberboards. There is layered and solid acrylic. The aesthetic properties of this material are very enticing with several color schemes that makes personal spaces to look chic and upscale. The environmentally friendly nature of this material makes it endearing to ecofriendly minded individuals.

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This material has two types which include wood and laminate veneer. Wood veneers are made up of little parts of wood plastered on a medium density fiberboard. The second type is laminate with involves applying heat to synthetic materials. Veneer cabinets are a precise art which Premier Co masters wonderfully.

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Just like laminate veneer, wrapped cabinets involve the application of heat and sealing it on a medium density fiberboard. There are two types; wrapped thermofoil and wrapped polyester. It is affordable and ecofriendly.

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