Veneer Cabinets

Cabinetry is a discipline that utilizes different types or materials with varied techniques to produce exceptional furniture for clients. Veneers are an assortment that adds to the materials for cabinet making. There are two types of veneers; wood and laminate veneers which are both great for cabinets.

A wood veneer is achieved when tiny wood slices are sealed and compressed on a panel used to produce custom cabinets.

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Typically, wood veneers are created by peeling the bark of a tree or from cutting from timber through its growth lines in a horizontal manner. Laminate veneers on the other hand refer to a printed surface that resembles wood but is simply made of plastic or other materials plastered on a composite platform like medium density fiberboards. Veneers can be adhesive or non adhesive and the beauty of veneers can only be appreciate with excellent creative craftsmanship. This talent level is found at Premier Cabinet Co, Winnipeg’s foremost cabinet maker which is one reason why customer satisfaction is optimal.

Creating wood veneers is a precise art which is attained by layering pieces together over a thick core. These veneers are held together with glue and the best results with waterproof adhesive glue in order to ensure the strength and tenacity of the finished product. This is why well constructed wood veneer is far more solid than normal wood. It is not a surprise therefore that many clients lean towards wood veneer when shopping for custom cabinet. The cabinet makers at Premier Cabinet Co utilize veneer with wood core in order to provide the most solid results. Wood veneer is also very stable and this is great news for craftsmen me, because the best creative designs can only be achieved with materials that are firm. Artistic opportunities are also numerous with wood veneer since the designer can experiment on various ways of bringing out different outcomes.

Laminate veneers are technologically enhanced plastic intend to resemble wood which is an environmentally option. Since laminate is artificial, it is resistant to damage and also very solid. It is also aesthetically sophisticated to wood with several color selections to choose from. Since it is a manufactured material, it is also cheaper than wood and wood veneer and equally abundant in supply. Homeowners on a budget are happy with laminate veneer because it allows them to have beautiful custom cabinets at an affordable house. Laminate veneer is very trendy and also has mirrored surfaces like acrylic finishing. Wood veneer is also environmentally friendly although to a lesser extent when compared to laminate. This is because of the process of harvesting veneer through peeling rather than sawing. This method discourages waste why more is derived from little wood. Also, most wood veneers are derived from plantation grown wood like pine which is not an endangered species.

Veneer cabinets are superior in terms of artistry because the material gives the craftsman room to experiment and create outstanding designs. This experimentation produces awesome results evident in the aesthetic beauty of these cabinets. Wood veneers like laminate veneers are all environmentally friendly though to varying extents which is very important to environmentally friendly clients. The process of creating and layering veneers also encourage stability and sturdiness which are important characteristics of great furniture. Veneer is also low maintenance especially laminate veneer since it is artificial and not prone to damage. It takes creative talent to produce perfect cabinets from veneers and Premier Cabinet Co is place to go for this. Veneers allow homeowners to have beautiful custom cabinets that will keep for years and is also affordable.

Veneer is a little high maintenance because it can easily delaminate and blister. This is can be avoided if furniture is kept from heat and moisture.