Winnipeg’s number one cabinet maker Premier Cabinet Co is made up of a group of talented craftsmen with decades of experience which is why customer satisfaction is a priority at this establishment. Custom cabinets are well fashioned and designed to suit the needs and personality of each home owner. The personal touch that this company brings to the table, through wood tutorials as well as free advice on furniture protection gives them is very unique.

A happy customer makes a happy cabinet maker and this organization takes this maxim to heart.

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Choosing wood for cabinets can be a complicated job because of the million varieties in the market. Yet, Premier Cabinet Co helps their customers through orientations of wood types and pricing. This is to ensure that all clients get cabinets that suit their needs and budgets. Oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, walnut, hickory, pine, alder, poplar and bamboo are some of the wood varieties that customers seek for the creation of custom cabinets that will dazzle their personal spaces. Different methods are used to guarantee that only the best cabinets leave this establishment like quarter sawn, split and flat sawn. It will therefore be fun to examine some of the traits that make these woods endearing to customers.


Ever heard of the saying as strong as oak? Yes, this wood is really strong and sturdy making it the preferred option for clients seeking solid cabinets. Oak is rot resistant, and doesn’t stain so easily. It is on the pricey side though, which is why people on a budget will go for cheaper alternatives. Heirloom cabinet pieces are whittled out of oak.

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We all love maple syrup but maple cabinets also have the ability of sweetening up personal spaces. This wood even harder than the oak and its custom cabinets and furniture have heirloom quality. Common #1 is usually valorized as the best of maple timber but Common #2 is equally formidable. Maple is immune to insect and fungi infection which is why it is highly solicited and also on the expensive side.

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The major striking feature of the cherry wood is its color, many people love shiny things and this wood will dazzle you. It has a pinkish hue which makes it a wood of choice for queens and princesses. Cherry is also very easy to work and machine cuts like quarter sawn and flat sawn give it the best outlook. This wood is very durable and affordable which is music to the ears of Premier Cabinet Co’s customers.

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The traditional wood of choice of gentlemen. It is reddish in hue and darkens with age giving personal spaces a sophisticated and mysterious vibe. This wood is also very durable and rot resistant. There is hardly a thing that can harm mahogany but it is as heavy as salt. Because of the scarce nature of the wood it is very pricey and there are is controversy over its logging in places like Brazil and Peru. Premier Cabinet Co only deals with authenticated Mahogany as it contribution to environmental protection.

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This wood also has a rich chocolaty or yellowish color which is eye catching. This color vibrancy warms up personal spaces and the craftsmen at Winnipeg’s number cabinet making company work the wood carefully so that it’s natural beauty can shine through. Vanity bedroom and bathroom cabinets are highly popular because of the beauty of the wood. The wood is strong and rot resistant though it is prone to insect assault. Good news, Premier Cabinet Co educates its clients on furniture protection.

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This wood is sophisticated and complicated; it embodies all the positive attributes that wood aficionados look for in their timber. It is not only strong and tough it is also very beautiful color wise. It shades vary from white, cream and streaked brown. Those look for rustic elegance will love Hickory because of the rural vibe it emits. It is also moderate in pricing.

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This wood is delicate but lovely. Home owners with kids love it because it has no hard edges that will hurt the little ones. The fact that it is also affordable is an additional boon because cabinets can be easily replaced. Pine smells great and it is also sustainable which makes it more endearing to those who protect the environment. It is not rot resistant so be careful with your delicate pine cabinets.

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This is an uncomplicated wood with many advantages. It is home grown, moderate in price and very beautiful to look at. Two classes of Alder used for timber are the clear and knotty varieties and both are awesome though some individuals valorize the clear variety over the latter. Yet knotty Alder has the ability of giving a chic rustic appearance to a kitchen that is cozy and elegance. The colors that the wood is naturally endowed with add the appeal. This wood is susceptible to rot, treat it with love.

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This wood has a history that many find interesting. Poplar shields were used by ancient Greek warriors mainly because this wood is strong and light at the same time. These are complex characteristics that are well blended in a single wood. The famous Mona Lisa is also painted on a poplar canvas. Today, home owners love poplar cabinets to warm improve their personal spaces. This wood is very colorful with rainbow coloring and this aesthetic aspect makes people to refer to it as Rainbow poplars. It needs delicate handling and Premier Cabinet Co craftsmen know how to treat the wood gently.

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Go for the bamboo if you seek a Zen and elegant vibe. This wood is very popular today as people want a piece of the exotic in their personal spaces. It is eco friendly which is testament for its recent popularity. Bamboo is a hard wood which needs finesse to produce the best custom cabinets. It is not susceptible to rot or insect attack and it is relatively moderate. When you go for the bamboo, you go for the best bargain. It’s a win, win.

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