Wrapped Polyester Cabinets

Polyester cabinets are another wrapped alternative to wood cabinets that Premier Cabinet Co provide to clients with such taste. This is a form of plasticizing with the used of medium density fiberboard (MDF) as the case with thermofoil. Wrapped polyester furniture is different in the sense that they are authentic and genuine looking that many would mistake them for real wood.

Although wrapped furniture might not have the same long life span like its wood counterparts, there is the potential for well made polyester cabinets to last for up to five years. Wrapped polyester cabinets are also glossy and pretty to look at while also being really affordable. These constitute some of the reasons why clients of this Winnipeg cabinet maker may have a preference for wrapped polyester cabinets.

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Creating perfect polyester cabinets needs incredible talent which is imbued in the taskforce at Premier Cabinet Co. These types of cabinets are made from classy melamine and other polyester components and they come in different color schemes. The protective coating makes it heat resistant, easy to maintain and stain resistance. This durability and resistance come as a result of the mixture that makes up polyester. These include compressed pine fibers called medium density fiberboard (MDF), melamine and polyester. This makes polyester cabinets resistant to fading as well as de-lamination. Construction is also fundamental in creating solid polyester cabinets and clients of Premier Cabinet Co have the most experienced workmen at their service so this is not an issue.

Looks like wood but is more affordable is a major reason why many homemakers on a budget gravitate towards wrapped polyester cabinets. These cabinets are therefore proposed as an alternative of wood in the market especially for clients on a budget. They say imitation is the best compliment but sometimes imitation does not hurt if it gives you the opportunity to own a copy of the original. The polyester cabinets are also practical because they are generally lighter in weight than wood making transportation easy in cases where people have to move. Sometimes, people avoid wood cabinets because they can become cumbersome when homemakers need to move to new locations. In some cases, people get frustrated and abandon their cabinets only to start shopping in their new location. Having polyester cabinets eliminates this risk of waste and extra cost.

Another interesting feature that makes wrapped polyester cabinets a major preference for homeowners is the fact that it is an environmentally friendly alternative. Protecting the environment is the responsibility of everyone and the more trees are cut down to produce furniture, the higher the risk of global warming. Wrapped polyester therefore give environmental activists the opportunity to own chic, affordable cabinets that does not harm the natural environment in any way. The fact that polyester can fit different interior designs ranging from modern to quaint and traditional makes it very desirable to different homeowners of varied decorating taste.

Being a great cabinet maker entails giving clients the best advice as well as providing the best options in terms of custom cabinets. Premier Cabinet Co provide all these needs for its clients and the ability to provide alternatives to custom wood cabinets is one of the services offered by this pristine cabinet maker. Polyester is one of such options and it is endearing to many clients of this establishment because it is cost efficient and chic to look at. In addition, it has durability, is heat resistant to an extent. Most people prefer polyester for kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets because it is not ruined by moisture easily. This is why it does not fade or delaminate easily. It is equally an environmentally friendly alternative for activists who still want to be swank.