Wrapped Thermofoil Cabinets

Cabinet making is an art that has different means of expression and thermofoil is one outlet of this endeavor. In most cases, Premier Cabinet Co clients request for thermofoil as an alternative to wood cabinets.

Cabinets build through this method are usually beautiful in terms of color scheme, are seamless and non-porous considering the fact color is build in. Thermofoil cabinets are a budget saving medium which is why homeowners on a tight budget go for it.

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Yet, this is usually considered a temporal solution for most homemakers but it can be a great solution for personal spaces like bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Even though some might say thermofoil is just a temporary solution, it can last for up to ten years if expertly installed and the cabinet makers at Premier Cabinet Co possess this expertise.

Thermofoil is a wood alternative composed of vinyl which is creatively merged into a wooden surface with the aid of heat. The awesome thing about this process is that it has pleasant outcomes in terms of color hues. These include white, cream white and even a faux wood shine depending on the requirements of the client. The end result is always classy and elegant which makes it suitable for upscale, sleek and modern interior spaces. In some cases, clients of Winnipeg’s cabinet makers want thermofoil to be built on wooden surfaces. This is a proposed option for the restoration or giving old cabinets a fresh outlook.

Some people say thermofoil is old fashioned and outmoded while others fear it for the health risks it might present. This is because the main substance used in this process called medium density fiberboard MDF had toxic elements. Ture, medium density fiberboard MDF can cause health hazards in the cases where the old variety is utilized. Recent regulations in the industry have ensured that the newer versions are completely healthy. It is imperative to ensure that only the new variety is utilized. Premier Cabinet Co takes the health of its clients seriously which is why only the regulated variety of this material is used in building their thermofoil cabinet doors.

Thermofoil has affordability as it most appealing feature. This is because it cost far less than any wood on the market. It can also last long when it is well made and this helps save cost in the long run. Also, since thermofoil is build with paint added through the heating process, the results are seamless and non-porous. This gives the cabinets a beautiful color because it is essentially baked into the material. This is why the finish product is often very glossy and swanky. Since this type of cabinet is resistant to water, bathroom cabinets will benefit more from it. In this case, it is better than wood that is susceptible to rot when in contact with water.

On the downside, thermofoil is very sensitive to heat and it depreciates with exposure. It also dents easily which is factor that homeowners with little children must consider before going for this option. Yet, there are so many advantages to thermofoil cabinets starting with their outstanding beauty and seamless finish. For those with modern and sleek interiors, thermofoil is an awesome option and restoring cabinets through this medium is cost efficient as well. These cabinets do not soak up water and therefore rot resistant. Premier Cabinet Co also has great craftsmen who know how to give a perfect finish to these kinds of cabinets. Taste is personal and it does not hurt to love something just because it is no longer considered fashionable. Cabinets that are pretty to look at and are affordable should not be sidelined.