In the business of cabinetry, variety is important for different customers with different tastes. Premier Co. understands this necessity evident in the range of choices they provide for clients in terms of techniques.

Wrapped furniture is an option that requires so much technique and finesse to produce exquisite results and this cabinet maker is imbued with it. The popularity of this method of cabinetry comes from its environmentally friendly nature and cost effectiveness.

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We currently live in a world in which climate change is a reality and deforestation is a contributing factor. Wrapped furniture allows eco friendly clients to have awesome furniture without the guilt of devastation of the ecosystem. Cabinet Co. is also a business that believes in cost efficiency and wrapped cabinets give customers on a budget a great alternative. The two types of wrapped cabinets are polyester and thermofoil. It is essentially a synthetic method of plasticizing through the use of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF).

Wrapped Polyester

Wrapped polyester is appealing to many clients because it looks very much like wood. It is also endowed with so many aesthetic advantages from its glossiness which does not fade with time to the color options it provides. Additional virtues of wrapped polyester include the fact that it requires very little maintenance; it’s rot resistant and also water resistant. This is why it is the preferred option for kitchen and bathroom cabinets. This incredibly affordable medium of cabinetry gives homes a high-end vibe that is inviting.

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Wrapped Thermofoil

Wrapped thermofoil has its own exciting features beginning from its non-porous nature. Finished cabinets have incredible color schemes since color tones are immerge into the MDF with the aid of heat. Thermofoil is sensitive to heat and dents easily which is something that clients must know before making an investment. Yet, clients who are careful will enjoy the loveliness of thermofoil cabinets because of its exquisite elegance.

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